Leisure + Cirque Luzia - South Essex

Royal Albert Hall, London.

Enjoy a pre show leisure stop in Knightbridge before transferring to the Royal Albert Hall, London, for 3pm performance. Includes price level one stall seat and coach travel.

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Ticket type Cost (face value)? Quantity
THORPE BAY PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
THORPE BAY STATION - Bus stop, south of Acacia Drive (Opposite Nat West Bank)
OLD WALNUT PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
OLD WALNUT PICKUP - Bus stop near Southchurch Road / A13 - Formerly White Horse pub
QUEENSWAY BUS FACILITY PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
QUEENSWAY BUS FACILITY - Southend, bus stop rear of Sainsbury's/Odeon in London Road (in A13)
PALACE THEATRE PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
PALACE THEATRE - Westcliff, bus stop outside theatre, London Road (A13)
CHALKWELL PARK PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
CHALKWELL PARK - Bus stop outside main gates, London Road (A13)
ELMS PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
ELMS - Leigh, bus stop after Dawlish Drive, outside Elms Public House
THAMES DRIVE PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
THAMES DRIVE - Leigh, bus stop outside parade of shops, London Road (A13)
HADLEIGH CHURCH PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
HADLEIGH CHURCH - Bus stop before Castle Lane, by bed shop/Domino's Pizza
VIC HOUSE CORNER PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
VIC HOUSE CORNER - Bus stop A13 outside shops just before Hadleigh Park Avenue
BENFLEET PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
BENFLEET - Bus stop just before Romsey Road, A13, near Sadlers Farm roundabout
PITSEA PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
PITSEA - Bus stop outside former Gala Bingo, High Road, opposite new Market Square/Aldi
BASILDON PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
BASILDON - Bus stop outside Trafford House, adjacent to the railway Station, Basildon
ROOKERY CORNER PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
ROOKERY CORNER - Bus stop A1013 by entrance to Clere's Golf Course
SOCKETS HEATH PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
SOCKETS HEATH - Outside The Oaks public house, just after Daneholes roundabout on old A13
GRAYS TOWN CENTRE PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
GRAYS TOWN CENTRE - Bus stop opposite Morrison Store, Crown Road, near railway line
THURROCK SERVICES PICKUP £93.00 (£93.00) Sold out
THURROCK SERVICES - M25 - Coach collection bays, by bridge exiting from fast food outlet, adjacent child's play area

Sold out